3 Million-Dollar Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business' Online Exposure This Week
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What You Will Learn On This Free Masterclass:
How to get featured in podcasts 1X per week to build your email list quickly
Learn our exact, step-by-step podcast pitching strategy that gets 90% of our clients accepted into their dream podcasts & 
how to leverage that exposure to skyrocket your audience size
How to strategize & implement live interview series to convert followers into leads fast
See how we leverage live interview series to attract, engage, and convert new followers & leads consistently
How to convert leads into paying clients by utilizing the power of Pods
If you aren't using Pods to scale your online visibility, this simple strategy could be the element to land your next 5 clients

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"I'm simply blown away. I feel like I'm high on excitement, clarity and sense of purpose. This 1-hour masterclass makes me feel SO aligned, I can barely say anything more than - It ALL makes sense".
Marion Chloé Theis
What You Will Learn On This Free Online Training:
On this training, we will be delivering the exact behind-the-scenes strategies that hundreds of our clients have used to skyrocket their audience size, cement their expert positioning, & convert followers into paying clients with ease.

This training is designed especially for client-based entrepreneurs
 (coaches, consultants & service providers primarily) who are...

- Making $10K or less a month & are ready to scale up quickly
- Ready to step out of Social Media Land and leverage other platforms with power
- Selling high-ticket packages & want to multiply their lead gen & closing rate

If that's you, download the training and let's get to work!
Hey there! I'm Lena.
If you aren't already involved in the LEC Community, here's what we're all about:

We help client-based entrepreneurs (primarily coaches, consultants, & service providers) up-level in the three most crucial I's in business: Income, Influence, & Impact.


Because long before I had a 7-figure business, I was broke AF: Mentally broke, financially broke, and value broke. I knew that my potential was so much greater, but I had no idea how to access that reality fast.

That's exactly who we serve today: entrepreneurs who are tired of the BS, tired of feeling stuck in trial-and-error mode, and tired of wondering how long it will take to reach their dream life. They're ready for results.

And we help them get there by teaching million-dollar business, marketing & mindset strategy. If that's you, welcome to the LEC Family! Get to know us better by joining us for this free upcoming webinar.
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