Why Our Signature 1:1 Coaching Program Is Your Key To Accomplishment Success in 2018 & Beyond
I'm Lena Elkins, The CEO Of Lena Elkins Coaching
Lena Elkins, CEO
Lena Elkins is a Business & Marketing Coach, international speaker, thought leader, member of the elite Forbes Coaches Council, and host of the popular Facebook group, Millennial Go-Getters. 

Lena has been featured in over 100 media outlets worldwide for her leadership in the online business space, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Entrepreneur On Fire, Unconventional Life, Rich20Something, and more. 

Lena was also recently listed in Top Marketers To Follow in 2018 next to Neil Patel, Grant Cardone, and Mari Smith.

At 22-years-old, Lena moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Tel Aviv, Israel to pursue her own unconventional path post-college. She has since built two multiple 6-figure businesses and mentors hundreds of young entrepreneurs to achieve the same.
Here's What I Learned From Building A Business That Doesn't Only Allow Me To Generate My Dream Income, But Work Fewer Hours And Enjoy Every Minute Of It:
You don't need to reinvent the wheel
The secret to Mastery is closely studying those who have already done it, not venturing out to do it all yourself. If you're truly committed to reaching your business goals in a fraction of the time, your key is having mentors who guide you step-by-step and cut out any trial and error, frustration, and overwhelm.
 You don't need to buy any more courses
Ditch the self-paced courses already! Did you know that only 3% of online course takers even complete the course, let alone implement it? The key to successful implementation is having real mentors who you can constantly go to with specific questions, give expert feedback for optimization, and actively help track your progress. This accountability is crucial.
You don't need to waste any more hours
Enough with the hours wasted on devouring webinars, articles or cheat sheets that claim to give you the "10 steps to" business success. Consuming vague, mediocre and amateur content will just produce vague, mediocre and amateur results. If you want to build an empire, you have to go deep and fully commit.
You don't need to keep "improving your skills"
95% of reaching your business goals is about your mindset, focus, and accountability. If you don't truly believe that you're capable of achieving whatever you want in your business, you will find ways to self-sabotage and fail. Having the right person to hold you accountable and make sure that your success mindset is strong is essential.
The Truth About Building 6 And 7-Figure Businesses
  •  It doesn't have to be stressful, complicated, or exhausting.
  •  It doesn't have to feel like an uphill battle.
  •  It doesn't have to feel like you're sacrificing everything else in your life to make it happen.
With proven strategies and systems from top experts to massively scale your brand visibility, lead generation, and bottom line, you'll never lose a wink of sleep again.
What you need is 1:1 guidance from an expert in digital marketing, branding, sales funnels, influencer positioning and online visibility who will show you that hitting $100K plus months can be easy. 
If you feel that you can benefit from that kind of coaching, go ahead and book a call with one of our trained business growth specialists to see if you're a good fit. 
The Four Pillars Of 90-Day Success Accelerator

The Unbreakable Mind
Your mindset toward your business is essential, which is why we teach you hands-on daily tactics to constantly strengthen that muscle. Every high-performing entrepreneur who we’ve worked with has reached their goals by having a strong mindset focused on success, abundance, positivity, and trust in the process. We teach you how to break down core mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from showing up as your best self and instead thinking (and acting) from a place of power, ambition, and nonstop belief in your work.The foundation of a successful, sustainable, scalable business is a Founder with an unshakable mindset, complete clarity on his/her goals, and a support system of experts to help guide the way. Within this first pillar, you take a deep dive into your intentions with this program, break down all limiting beliefs preventing you from showing up as your best self, and identifying roadblocks that need to be cleared immediately for you to move forward in a powerful way.
Branding Roadmap
Before we even start focusing on marketing, automation and scaling, we want to make sure that we’re laying the foundation, and delivering your message into the world in a way that’s not just truly aligned with you AND the ideal client you truly want to serve at the highest level. The second thing that we’re going to do is get clear and either fine tune, engineer, or re-engineer, your offers so that you can serve more people and increase your income and impact. Honing in on your specific offer and niche will also position you as a thought leader and influencer in your space. The goal of this is to leverage your zone of genius to solve that ideal client’s pain so that when you show up in front of them you’re completely relevant to that person and you know you can transform their lives. The third part of this is to make sure that your messaging is air tight so when we put your content in front of that person, their response (your ideal client)is going to be to get on the phone with you where you can now prescribe your offer and start to enroll clients on autopilot.
Strategic Action
This pillar is all about implementing and creating the strategy that you’ve uncovered in pillar #2. So this is where you’re going to work with your LEC coach to take everything that you’ve created in pillar #2 and implement it with full force. Of course, throughout the implementation process, you’re going to receive full accountability from your coach, full support, and everything else you would need to pivot and adjust accordingly so when you’re taking massive action, everything is completely congruent.
Cementing Automation
Now that we’ve laid the foundation and we’ve got your branding, client acquisition, content marketing solidified, we want to make sure you are not capping your time, income, or freedom. To do that, what we need to implement are automated funnels that allow these elements to run on autopilot without you constantly show up in real time. We’re going to help you create and implement an ads strategy, lead magnets, email sequences, and other systems and that are going to allow you to consistently hit your specific goals within your business so you’re always in control of your growth.
    Inside The Program
Success Accelerator is a 90-day 1-on-1 program designed for top-performing entrepreneurs looking to skyrocket their income, influence, and impact in the coming year.

The program includes weekly deep-dive coaching sessions with a trained Lena Elkins Coaching expert who will give you hands-on guidance, feedback, and insight, and hold you accountable every step of the way. 

You will also get access to our private Facebook community for Lena Elkins Coaching students where you can connect with likeminded top-performers, get inspired, and receive support. Once a month, Lena goes live in the group and teaches a high-level masterclass exclusively for the group.

In addition to that, you get unlimited access to your personal coach via email so that in between calls, you're never left with questions.
    Who Is It For?
90-Day Success Accelerator is for two types of people:

Coaches, consultants and service providers who are ready to break through business plateaus (being stuck in the 6-figure hampster wheel, failing to grow a following, and mastering marketing automation are some of the most common) and want to dramatically scale up to $60K months and beyond.


Entrepreneurs and executives who have thrived in other business models, and are now looking to transition into a massively successful coaching, consulting, or service-based business.

Ultimately, 90-Day Success Accelerator was built for entrepreneurs who are top-performers, highly ambitious, committed, and aren't afraid to jump into success with two feet.
How Does It Work?
Lena and her trained coaches are passionate about the their signature Income, Influence, and Impact (in that order) approach toward scaling businesses to 7-figures and beyond. With an emphasis on marketing automation, premium personal branding, influencer positioning and massive online visibility, Success Accelerator transforms you from being just another entrepreneur to being the go-to choice in your space.
90-Day Success Accelerator Results
Carey and Demir Bentley, Productivity Coaches
Brook Genn, Power Couples Podcast
Hanna Hermanson, Business Coach
Li Hu, Fitness Coach

Audrey Shore, 
Manifestation Coach
Working with Lena was seriously one of the BEST things I could possibly have done for my business! Working 1:1 with Lena took me to a whole new level! She's fun and approachable, while also being a powerhouse of knowledge about business strategy. I walked away from each call with actionable steps and a sense of accountability that I could never have gotten while I was on my own. I consider Lena a mentor and a huge influencer in the awesome progress I've seen in my business. If you're on the fence about working with Lena, let me tell you it is well worth it. Get off the fence and go for it!
Jamie Faye, 
Life & Relationship Coach
What I love most about Lena is her energy, She’s positive, straightforward, and supportive. She’s the ultimate combination of a dreamer and doer. Lena has helped me prioritize and break down my big ideas into smaller doable tasks. There’s no question that she hasn't been able to answer including creating sales funnels, getting into media publications, and creating content. She’s a mountain of ideas and her suggestions and strategies are based on her own trial and error and ultimate success. I always know I can trust her advice because it’s based on her own experience and the experiences of her clients in getting results. Working with Lena is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.
Mikaela Samuels,
Pet Marketing Consultant
This girl is SERIOUSLY a LIFE-CHANGER. No joke. Before I met her, I was unmotivated, just doing data-entry for a local non-profit, sort of just thinking that I'd like to be a stay-at-home mom because there is nothing else I was super excited about. I think it was fear of putting myself out there in the world. I had always wanted to do marketing for pet-related businesses, but I never had the confidence or the trust in myself.
It was such a big leap and I am so glad I took it. Lena is amazing and I will never ever regret working with her to create my amazing pet marketing business
Chas Jones,
Business Owner
I had the opportunity to have an AMAZING time with Lena. HOLY CRAP THIS GIRL KNOWS HER STUFF! Working with Lena has truly put me in a new place for my business! She shared nugget after nugget of GREAT information! If you guys have not signed up for ANY time with Lena YOU'RE CRAZY! 
Carly Wiitala, 
Social Media Marketer
Comparing where I was when I first started working with Lena to where I am now is exponential! I feel clear on my goals, my mission and my voice. I still have a long way to go but the immense progress I have made would not have been possible without the help of her. I cannot stress enough how fantastic this program is in terms of helping you get your business to the next level!
Alex Rosenberg, 
Facebook Ads Consultant
In doing Success Accelerator with Lena, I was able to add over 1,000 people to my email list and grow my Facebook group by over 600 people; all highly targeted leads who were exactly the kind of people I was looking for. Working with Lena is hands-down the best decision I ever made.
By The End of 90-Day Success Accelerator, You Will...
  • Have a foolproof 2018 roadmap to reach your exact business growth goals
  • Have a scalable business model that leverages automation, outsourcing, and systems that work for you around the clock
  • Have a magnetic personal brand that will breed a following of loyal brand advocates and media features
  • Have the insight and guidance to seamlessly get your business to $60K months and beyond
What are you waiting for? Apply today.
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