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Think about something you want to achieve in your business.


Regardless of how unsure you are about that goal right now - you can achieve it.

All you need is a different framework.

Different ways of thinking, believing, and planning.

Different methods for taking powerful action.

Different strategies for building your business model, marketing it and selling with success.

The Profitable Foundations Mastermind gives you all of it.

PFM is a coaching, learning & collaboration-focused mastermind that guides you through your journey to achieving your business objectives. 

It teaches you how to…

Gain 100% clarity & confidence around your business vision
Build a lucrative business model and offer suite you love
Learn and integrate a unique brand and message
Create systems to accelerate your lead & fan generation
Craft beautiful and high-converting sales funnels 
Master our million-dollar sales systems & scripts
Perfect your client fulfilment to ensure happy customers
Rapidly expand your brand online presence
Take charge of your business organization, structures & productivity
Learning to outsource & grow a team of super employees

These are just a few of our most popular topics.

You'll learn all of this and more through a combination of self-study online trainings, courses, worksheets, reading materials, live coaching, live group calls, and a private supportive community of like-minded students.

It's an all-inclusive monthly program.
When You Join, You Immediately UNLOCK...
⭐️Unlimited access to your private membership area, which includes all of our digital courses (a $2000 value alone!), giving you all of the necessary elements you need to get your business operating and profiting at an expert level quickly

⭐️Bi-monthly group calls with me personally where you can hop on and ask any questions to me and the other members 

⭐️Instant access to the private Profitable Foundations Mastermind Facebook Group where all LEC members come together to ask questions, seek support, and find life-changing partnerships, clients, and mentors

⭐️ Exclusive private trainings made for the Mastermind on requested topics

Only $297 $97 Per Month Now Only (You Can Cancel Any Time!)
Each Month, There Are 4 Group Calls You Can Participate In:
CALL 1: Mindset, Focus & Goal Achievement
We break down various online business models that you can learn from, compare to one another, and draw conclusions from for your own business success. 
CALL 2: Technical Skill Development
We break down various online business models that you can learn from, compare to one another, and draw conclusions from for your own business success. 
CALL 3: Digital Marketing & Sales
This call is an opportunity for you to become the queen/king of your content and leverage your efforts on social media to develop a strong audience, build connections, attract clients, sell with confidence, and develop an unshakable brand. Whether it's blogging, video creation, email marketing, Instagram or Facebook, this is the call for you to master it. This is also the place to dial in sales processes, scripts & tactics.
CALL 4: Business Structuring & Model Improvement
Learn the ins and outs of a fast-growing, sustainable and highly profitable business model, create irresistible new offers, re-structure your value ladder, add in new team members and create SOPs & systems. This call is all about creating your profitable business foundation. 
Private Members-Only Facebook Group With Unlimited Support
Weekly Private Trainings Made By Lena And Her Team On Topics Of Your Choice
Dozens Of Video Trainings, Full Courses, Blueprints and PDF Downloads On Your Private Membership Portal
profitable foundations results
Each carefully crafted module listed below comes with...

⭐️ An in depth & step-by-step video training
⭐️ Endless resources to put this proven strategy into action, so that you CAN'T go wrong
⭐️ Online support to share your homework, receive feedback and make progress daily
⭐️ Multiple downloadable templates, scripts, SOPs, spreadsheets, & more
The moment you join, dive into our 10 core starter modules to accelerate your business growth today.

Become the master of...
Module 1: Gaining 100% clarity on your business vision
Module 2: Crafting your irrisistable offers & understanding offer models
Module 3: Integrating magnetic branding & messaging
Module 4: Accelerating your lead & fan generation
Module 5: Creating your high-converting sales funnels
Module 6: Getting our million-dollar sales system & script
Module 7: Perfecting your client fulfilment to ensure happy customers
Module 8: Rapidly expanding your brand visibility & awareness
Module 9: Taking charge of your business organization & productivity
Module 10: Learning to outsource & grow a team
Whitney Cox, 
CEO Warrior Girl Coaching
Laura D'Itri, 
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Li Hu,
Fitness Coach
Carey and Demir Bentley,
Productivity Coaches
Brooke Genn,
Power Couples Podcast
Hanna Hermanson,
Business Coach
If You:
1. Own a coaching, consulting, or service-based business

2. Are still generating less than $5,000 per month in your business

3. Are focused on scaling to $20,000 per month and beyond
Cost:  $97 (You Can Cancel Your Membership At Any Time)
more LIFE-CHANGING results, DAILY.
Audrey Shore, 
Manifestation Coach
Working with Lena was seriously one of the BEST things I could possibly have done for my business! Working 1:1 with Lena took me to a whole new level! She's fun and approachable, while also being a powerhouse of knowledge about business strategy. I walked away from each call with actionable steps and a sense of accountability that I could never have gotten while I was on my own. I consider Lena a mentor and a huge influencer in the awesome progress I've seen in my business. If you're on the fence about working with Lena, let me tell you it is well worth it. Get off the fence and go for it!
Jamie Faye, 
 Life & Relationship Coach
What I love most about Lena is her energy, She’s positive, straightforward, and supportive. She’s the ultimate combination of a dreamer and doer. Lena has helped me prioritize and break down my big ideas into smaller doable tasks. There’s no question that she hasn't been able to answer including creating sales funnels, getting into media publications, and creating content. She’s a mountain of ideas and her suggestions and strategies are based on her own trial and error and ultimate success. I always know I can trust her advice because it’s based on her own experience and the experiences of her clients in getting results. Working with Lena is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.
Mikaela Samuels,
Pet Marketing Consultant
This girl is SERIOUSLY a LIFE-CHANGER. No joke. Before I met her, I was unmotivated, just doing data-entry for a local non-profit, sort of just thinking that I'd like to be a stay-at-home mom because there is nothing else I was super excited about. I think it was fear of putting myself out there in the world. i had always wanted to do marketing for pet-related businesses, but I never had the confidence or the trust in myself.
It was such a big leap and I am so glad I took it. Lena is amazing and I will never ever regret working with her to create my amazing pet marketing business.
Chas Jones,
Business Owner
I had the opportunity to have an AMAZING time with Lena. HOLY CRAP THIS GIRL KNOWS HER STUFF! Working with Lena has truly put me in a new place for my business! She shared nugget after nugget of GREAT information! If you guys have not signed up for ANY time with Lena YOU'RE CRAZY! 
Carly Wiitala, 
Social Media Marketer
Comparing where I was when I first started working with Lena to where I am now is exponential! I feel clear on my goals, my mission and my voice. I still have a long way to go but the immense progress I have made would not have been possible without the help of her. I cannot stress enough how fantastic this program is in terms of helping you get your business to the next level!
Alex Rosenberg, 
Facebook Ads Consultant
In doing Success Accelerator with Lena, I was able to add over 1,000 people to my email list and grow my Facebook group by over 600 people; all highly targeted leads who were exactly the kind of people I was looking for. Working with Lena is hands-down the best decision I ever made.
Your Burning Questions Answered

Who is in The Profitable Foundations Mastermind?

I hate to brag, but let me break out this roster of pros. In the Mastermind, we proudly have some of the online business industries most loved copywriters, content marketers, marketing experts, mindset coaches, productivity consultants, funnel builders, Facebook Ads specialists, course creators, graphic & web designers, and social media marketers. The diversity of the Mastermind members makes every group call and interaction insanely impactful, thought-provoking, and action-inspiring. All of the members are there to support one another, offer their advice, and cheer each other on.

How many months am I committed for?

The membership is month-to-month, which means you can quit at any time. If you want to join for 30 days and see if you like it, no problem! You can easily cancel your membership after just one month. Or, you can stay forever. Totally up to you.

If I can't make it to the bi-monthly group calls, will there be recordings?

Yup! All group calls are recorded and shared with the group immediately after, so you can always go back and watch them at your convenience.

Hey there, Lena here. Let's talk.

If you're reading this right now, it's probably because you're at a pivotal point in your business. I remember being in that exact same place 5 years ago.

Wanting to desperately to serve others through your work via coaching, educating, or offering a service to a demographic you care about. Wanting to elevate your life through entrepreneurship.

But...finding yourself stuck.

Stuck in content overwhelm. Comparison-itis. Confusion. And more than anything, fear.

In fact, let's talk about fear for a minute. "Is this the right thing for me? Can I do it? What if I fail? What if I embarrass myself? What if no one buys from me?" The mental drama of it all seems to never end.

The good news is that this fear is 100% all in your head and typically has no basis in reality. No one and nothing will stop you in your success other than yourself. 

The bad news is that most brains process this fear as life-threatening danger, which prevents 80% of emerging entrepreneurs from taking action toward their goals.

And it's a shame when so many of them could have been the next brilliant innovators of our generation if they simply hadn't gotten in their own way.

I don't want you to get in your own way either, friend.

I want you to harness all of that discomfort, fear, and stress you have around your growing business, and turn it into balls-to-the-walls, unstoppable, purely powerful action.

Because stressing and worrying and wishing about your business isn't going to make your business grow.

Taking small, powerful, positive steps forward every single day will. Saying Yes to opportunities even when all signs point to No Way In Hell is all it takes to make progress.

And that's where the Profitable Foundations Mastermind comes into play. 

It' what I designed it for. 

It's for on-the-rise entrepreneurs like you so that you can stop self-sabotaging and start implementing real tools for unstoppable success with accountability from supportive marketing experts like me.

That first step is today, friend. Will you be joining us?

I really hope to see you there.

Lena Elkins
FINAL CHANCE!  $97 Per Month When You Join Now (Cancel Any Time) 
2019 Lena Elkins Coaching