exclusive 40-minute TRAINING WITH lena elkins
The Expert No-Duh Formula To Selling Out Your Offers Each Month
What's Going Down On This Training
Secret #1
Why 90% of online entrepreneurs stay in the $2-$5K per month mark 

Hint: It's not your content creation, Instagram following size or testimonials. It's much more foundational than that. But because people love chasing the surface-level "fixes" of online marketing, it's rare that entrepreneurs put the real time and attention into perfecting this core element of their brand. On this training, we're going to dive into this element and show you exactly how to craft it in order to move the needle and sign clients quickly.
Secret #2
How to gain 100% control over the amount (and quality) of traffic that's coming to your offers daily

If you spend 10 hours or more per month stressing about why, how, and when you're finally going to sell out your stuff with consistency - instead of praying to the Marketing Gods and perpetually riding the #CashFlowStruggleBus - it's time to get your head out of your ass and start taking your traffic game seriously. Because guess what: Much like your Tinder game, this is something that you can become the Master of and have 100% control over. Yes, YOU, crazy! 
Secret #3
How to fully automate your lead generation and sales operations with our rinse-and-repeat system

When's the last time you hopped on a sales call and felt like a total sleazeball used car salesman? Or just froze up and had no idea how to close the deal? And in reaction, you called your best friend to complain about why no one can afford what you've got and you're getting the sneaking suspicion that you're a total Fraud? If so, it's time to ditch the drama and self-bullying, and finally learn a sales system that freakin' works.
That walks you through the 4 core components of a highly magnetic and viral brand
“We weren't giving ourselves the permission to create the products and price them at the level they should be. We just had a block there. This got us over that block and Lena held our hand through that process, and as a result, we've been able to significantly increase our revenues. In fact, we doubled our revenues in 2018 VS 2017!”
 - Carey & Demir Bentley
Meet Your Workshop Host
Hosted by lena elkins
Hey there! If you aren't already involved in the Lena Elkins Coaching community, here's what we're all about:

We help client-based entrepreneurs up-level in the three most crucial I's in business: Income, Influence, & Impact.

Because long before I had this business business - which has no generated over $1.2 million, served hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 20 countries, been featured in over 100 media outlets and employees 9 people - I was broke AF: Mentally broke, financially broke, and value broke. I knew that my potential was so much greater, but I had no idea how to access that reality fast.

That's exactly who we serve today: entrepreneurs who are tired of the BS, tired of feeling stuck in trial-and-error mode, and tired of wondering how long it will take to reach their dream life. They're ready for results.

And we help them get there by teaching million-dollar business, marketing & mindset strategy. If that's you, welcome to the LEC Family!